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About Barrington Judo

Mutual Welfare & Benefit to All

Founded in 2007, we are driven to make champions and make ourselves better through dedication to the practice and principles of Judo. Anyone can practice Judo, regardless of age or physical ability. Mutual welfare & benefit to all.  Maximum effect for minimum effort.

Family-Friendly. Fitness. Fun.

Our teaching philosophy is based on the premise that we focus more, learn better, gain more, when the hard work is also fun.  We welcome parents to watch their kids' training sessions.  We have several families who practice together.


Respect is paramount at Barrington Judo.  Whether you're a day-1 beginner, or a high-ranking blackbelt, you are treated with the highest regard.  We bow to our training partners and our students/teachers as a gesture of respect and gratitude.

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Check out this snippet of what we're doing on the mat.

What We've Heard

Olga G.

"Very family friendly place. Nice coaches,  individual  approach,  great workout!"

Dr. Marco F.

"It's inspiring to see how the Barrington coaches support & encourage our kids in competitions.  We see our kids go way past what they thought they could accomplish."

Toni L.

"Barrington Judo goes out of their way to bring World & Olympic champions, medalists, coaches, to teach and train with.  This is my Judo home in Chicagoland."

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In 2014, we were featured in a TV news piece about preparing kids to be bully-proof.

Train with the World's Best

World & Olympic Champions come to train with us.  Kayla Harrison, Ole Bischof, Frank Wieneke to name just a few.

We're Family

The bonds between training partners, between coaches and students, grow strong and last.  

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We're happy to answer any question you might have about Judo, about our club, or to help you find the right workout for you and your family.

Barrington Judo Club

28147 W Commercial Ave, Barrington, Illinois 60010, United States